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     I am a seasoned executive in IT Services and Software Development. Multi-functional with a broad experience in a multitude of industries and markets. I have a progressive proven track record of increasing efficiency, productivity and financial value in the field of Software as a Service Products Development, Information Technology, Product Management, Operations and Customer Care. I held executive senior leadership positions such as Head of Research & Development, Chief Information Officer, Senior Vice President. in global, multi-billions, multi-divisional and multi-national organizations that dealt with Retail, Small and Medium Businesses Ecommerce, as well as large organizations in Telecommunications, Airlines, Airports and IT services consulting.

I am passionate about improving productivity and quality while increasing profits and customer satisfaction. I advocates and practice a management style that focuses on: Value Based Management (champion customer interest, develop staff potentials and decision making skills,  grow value mind set in the organizatoin, promote open  communication). 

In my career, I managed $1.2B Revenue, $600M Operating budget, 20% EBITDA and above 1000 person Human Capital in direct and BPO settings. My Influence spanned 220+ sites worldwide.

Since 2015 I lead the Engineering, Research and Development unit of Airport IT in Amadeus ($6 billion technology company in the air transport and hotel industry). I am responsible for the development, launch and management of the first cloud-based Common Use System for Airports and Airlines; an innovation that is highly acclaimed by the industry. I have developed and launched the first advanced and 100% cloud-based Airport Operation System that includes products like (Flight Operations, Flight Scheduling and Management, Flight Turnaround Management Systems, Flight Connection Management Systems, Airport Fixed Resources Managements Systems:, Ground Handling Resource Management Systems, Aircraft Departure Sequence Planning, Common Use Check-in Systems, Biometric Boarding Systems, Aeronautic Revenue Systems, Amadeus Smart Messaging Systems, Flight Information Display Systems, Baggage Handling and Reconciliation and Baggage Drop Systems, Blockchain Baggage Tracking)  

Prior to Amadeus I have been involved in the eCommerce Hosting Industry with NTT Communications through its holding Verio Inc. I held the position of Senior Vice President Global Service Delivery. At Verio/NTT I developed and launched the first globally seamless enterprise cloud service to incorporate OpenFlow network virtualization technology for networks built within and between data centers (Read more here: http://risetothecloud.com/ntt-com-to-launch-new-enterprise-cloud-sacramento-bee/). I managed a Public Cloud offering (Cloudn) that delivered IaaS, PaaS and SaaS products. I streamlined internal IT and aligned it to Business goals through the use of effective business intelligence. I revamped the webhosting line of business product portfolio to reverse revenue decline. I introduced Messaging as a new line of business challenging the webhosting industry to think differently about email. I implemented an innovative customer care strategy that increased customer satisfaction while reducing support cost. I modernized Verio’s datacenters across the world to increase performance, stability and reduce footprint and MTTR. My successful contribution to Verio is finding new sources of revenue, keeping EBITDA steady while traditional hosting revenue is being challenged.

 For the preceding 8 years at SITA (a US$1.6 billion technology company operating in the Air Transport industry), I was a member of the senior leadership team and held IT, Engineering and Operations position. I joined SITA to build a US$420 million airport and desktop services business unit, delivering innovation and supporting a 14% CAGR in revenues. Under my leadership I led the team with several innovations. I introduced Kiosk Check-in to the industry, developed the next generation of SITA’s flagship common use platform, AirportConnect, (generated sales in excess of $176 million per annum). Transformed a unique mainframe application (WorldTracer) that tracks lost baggage into a web and mobile based service. I restored a failing, mission critical, messaging application while extending its life and improving its performance. During my operations tenure at SITA, I implemented ITIL both internally and at many of SITA's Airport Customers, I developed business continuity plans for vital Airport functions and, overhauled Kiosk manufacturing and made it profitable and reliable.

Earlier achievements span diverse functions and industries, including construction, business services, transportation, communications, manufacturing, education, government, entertainment and consulting.

Areas of Expertise:

I pride myself to have proficiency in leading highly accomplished technical staff to build centers of excellence, achieve business targets and facilitate competitive advantage

Fluent in English and French, with an Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership from MIT, post graduate research in Management Information Systems [Ph.D. (abd)] and a Master of Science in Engineering, I am interested in executive level positions that are challenged by the demands of growth and success, where strong contributions are immediately expected. My enclosed Credentials should provide you with details of my skills and accomplishments.

Thank you for your time. Do not hesitate to contact me for questions.

Gus Salamoun   
+1 (561) 374-2655 or +65 8299-2741